About UltraLux

Ultralux® is a registered trademark of Boriana Ltd., which was founded to meet the ever-growing worldwide demand for energy-saving.

Ultralux® encompasses a wide range of lighting products with more than 850 items in different categories, intended for use at homes, offices, shopping centers, hotels, administrative buildings, etc. We also offer lighting for the industrial needs, as well as street and park lighting.

Since 2010, following the latest trends in the development of the LED technology on a global scale, our team has focused on beginning a production and delivery of LED products with maximum efficiency and energy-saving, made with long-lasting and high-quality components in accordance with all the EU standards.



Achieving the lowest price by all means has never been a part of our development strategy, especially if that's at the expense of quality and technical parameters.

Our experience for the last couple of years has convinced us that the good quality LED products is what the sensible customer chooses, not only because of their higher efficiency and energy-saving, but also because of their longer life span.

The good quality and the longer life of the Ultralux® products is a result of our experience, tests and careful selection of the manufacturers and the production parts. We exercise a constant incoming and outgoing factory control and least but not last - we implement an organizational governance system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Our team strives persistently in this direction, which becomes apparent in our constantly improving quality and competitive prices.



Lead by our clients’ recommendations concerning the customer characteristics of our products, we constantly improve our current models while developing new ones to satisfy the precise needs of the market.

Apart from deliveries of effective and quality LED products we are focused to provide our best customer service. That's why we have created and still expanding our distributor chain not only in Bulgaria, but in more than 10 EU countries. Offering our brand on the EU market brings a higher demand to our products.



We can boldly say that the Ultralux® team is proud of what it has created - a wide range of LED products, using only the best ideas and components. Regarding the rapid development of the LED industry and the constant emerging of technical novelties, we intend to carry on the search and realization of contemporary lighting ideas, and alongside our partners and clients, always walk one step ahead into the future of the lighting solutions.

Boriana Company has implemented and works on the lines of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standars

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